A representative of ESG Company, Mr. Joerg BERNHARDT, a Military Sensors Integration Subject Matter Expert, visited the JCBRN Defence COE on 18 February 2013.

        JCBRN Defence COE’s Deputy Director COL Janos Zelenak welcomed him and the TSD Director COL Rainer SCHULTE provided an overview briefing on the JCBRN Defence COE structure, organization and the 2013 program of work highlights.

        He stated that one of the fundamental missions for the COE is to create a collaborative environment for integrating academic, industrial and military institutions in support of NATO.

        The ESG Company representative introduced ESG research and technology projects focused on military and CBRN issues. He briefed on an interoperability experiment integrating a chemical sensor with other sensors and military information systems. An Unmanned Mission Avionics Test Helicopter (UMAT) was used as mounting platform.

         Discussions on the possible miniaturization of the CBRN sensors and digitization of the information processes provided a lively and informative exchange between the two organizations. It also demonstrated the necessity to maintain a continuous dialogue between the military and industrial communities so they can better understand our requirements and we can better understand what is technically possible.


Author: MAJ Karel VYDRA