The Allied Command Transformation organized the Strategic Foresight Analysis (SFA) and Framework for Future Alliance Operations (FFAO) joint workshop at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland 26-30 September 2016. JCBRN Defence CoE representatives from the Transformation Support Department have supported the workshop from its inception.



The purpose of workshop was to:
1. Finalize defence and security implications for SFA 2017;
2. Describe the opportunities and challenges in the future security environment out to 2035 and beyond for Chapter 1 of the FFAO 2018.

The Strategic Foresight Analysis as a first component of Long-Term Military Transformation (LTMT) provides trend analysis, based on national and international studies, describing the long-term aspects of the likely future security environment in 2030. The second component, the Framework for Future Alliance Operations (FFAO) which uses the SFA report as a foundation, proposes how Alliance forces might be transformed and recommends abilities that the Alliance may need to develop over the next 15 years to be successful in the future security environment of 2030 and beyond. FFAO is intended to directly review all steps of the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP). FFAO will also provide sources to other transformation and defence planning efforts.

The aim of the SFA portion of the workshop was to build upon the findings of the previous Workshop in Lucerne (CHE) in order to finalise the trends and implications list accordingly. The aim of the FFAO portion of the conference is to discuss, develop, and refine Chapter 1 of FFAO 2018.

Author: COL Andrzej PACZKOWSKI